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Sherlybox update! Sher.ly T-shirts, 3D prototype and more!


We are so excited that we finally received our shipment of t-shirts, and even happier to announce that they have been shipped out to you, our dear Kickstarter supporters. Thank you for your kind support, we are able to make our vision happen because of your help. * High five! *



Sher.ly jackets and t-shirts on the way !

Each one of you who pledged for one of these will get email notification with tracking information, and if you log in to your Sher.ly account at https://sher.ly/dashboard you can see the status of your wardrobe delivery.

Sher.ly t-shirt


Sher.ly t-shirts

Sherlybox status & sneak peek…

After careful deliberation, testing, and investigation, we have completed our hardware supplier selection, taking care to choose the best for your Sherlybox. A cable is a cable, right? Nope. It may look the same, but the quality can be completely different. We have received all the samples at last; only the touch sensor is still on route. We’re really looking forward to these touch sensors - they are being custom built for us, and will really improve the user experience and functionality of Sherlybox. Want to see a sneak peek of the assembled 3D printed prototype?

Fresh off the 3D printer:


The top part is printed partially on purpose, so that all internal connections and construction can be verified. All cables must have angle connectors to fit inside, HDMI cable is extremely stiff!


Warranty repair & replacement partnership signed

We are pleased to announce we have a service and repair deal with FixIT, a well respected customer support company among IT vendors. FixIT will handle all Sherlybox repairs and replacements. Whatever issue you have, just let us know via the sher.ly website, and we will be happy to do our best to help you. Hardware issues will be seamlessly passed to FixIT, so that we all have a solid partner in repair & replacement.


Even Customs loves Sherlybox components!

The last step before mold completion is assembly of the final components. The delivery of our touch sensors got slightly delayed, but they are on route. Our connection cables shipment is still going through Chinese Customs! Apparently Chinese Customs loves the touch sensor so much, maybe they are reverse engineering it before they let it through! Or not, and they just don't care. All we know for certain is that we look forward to their safe arrival.


To be transparent and keep you informed, this delay does influence our schedule - because the tooling company producing our mold cannot wait for this part to arrive, they are moving on to other orders in queue. We respect and understand that factors like this require flexibility, and we want quality above all, so we are going to continue partnership with this experienced molding company, though it means we have to wait our turn once the delayed parts in Chinese Customs arrive. We love their attention to details and how amazing their augmented Sherlybox design is. Finding a new molding company is next to impossible now and we would have to start the process all over again – which we do not want to do. Therefore, though it is of course not our wish to delay shipment, in order to maintain quality and give you the best parts possible, we are moving the November batch delivery to go out with the second schedule together, in March. We are committed to quality and if waiting for the best parts and talent will get you the best quality Sherlybox possible and we believe this is a best course of action now. Please accept my sincere apologies for this delay in shipment, and know that we all are working faithfully every day to get your Sherlybox to you as quickly as possible.


Thank you for understanding, and please know that I personally feel sorry for this delay. Being a captain of the Sher.ly ship is a strain on my optimistic nature - I've learned that sometimes things get delayed despite best intentions. But I am here to follow through with this project with full commitment to the best quality possible, regardless of any little bumps in the road.


Future is… bright!

Running a startup is like raising a kid: it's more challenging than you ever knew possible, and then it gets so amazing you forget all the hard stuff, and you are ready for anything! Like any startup, the more resources we have, the faster and better we can make our dreams come true. We are actively working to form partnerships with those who can make Sherlybox truly shine, and we love what we do every day. From each little hardware component, to each personal relationship with investors, engineers, and vendors, we are grateful for this opportunity.


Thank you,


Blazej & the Sher.ly team

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