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Sherlybox update! Banana is catching up!


We switched from RaspberryPI to BananaPi in the middle of our campaign – a rush decision based on quick research and mostly a gut feeling. 

It's nice to see it was a good decision, as more and more operating systems are being ported to the BananaPi platform: Android, Lubuntu (Ubuntu), Arch Linux, Fedora, openSUSE and many others; listed here and here.


We received our connection cables and touch sensors, and we've had great fun playing around with the latter!





It fits inside Sherlybox perfectly: 


Now we are working with a tooling company to choose best for quality, thickness and density material for illuminated logo on top of the device – we're aiming for gentle white-light like the cover of an Apple laptop. There will be white and orange light, and you'll see the latter if there's an error such as a network problem or if the disk is full, and so on.


We are pleased to see that the XBMC media centre (now called Kodi) has made it's way to BananaPi, even with hardware acceleration for video decoding: 


It looks like the HDMI output we have in Sherlybox will be very useful for your shared media ;)


Speaking of some fun I'd like to share with you some creative work our great designers made on their spare time (some of you may have seen this on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages):

Indiana Johnes



Indiana takes on priority Sherlybox delivery ;)


All feedback is very welcome, and if you have an idea or question, please drop it on our Helpdesk: help.sher.ly


Thank your for your continued support!




Blazej & the Sher.ly Team

  • Casper

    Keep up good work guys! R pi is great, but hdd connected through usb 2.0 would have taken it’s toll on the speed of the device. Banana was a smart move.

    XBMC running on Linux is great news.

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