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Sher.ly 0.95 – Getting Started Guide


Your data is under YOUR CONTROL. Sher.ly servers does not have your data, we only have your account information. The way Sher.ly works is like this: you sitting in front of your computer, have some data in one folder there you want other people to see. They happen to be in the room, you ask them to approach and you all looking at your folder with data together. There is nobody else in the room. But what if they are not in the same room?


Use Sher.ly to invite them to join your folder and it will be the same, like they are there with you. Only them, nobody else. Only the data you selected in the folder, nothing else


1. Register your Sher.ly account

You can login with your Sher.ly account, or create a new one.

create accountlogin e-mail

  Logi in 3










If you’re creating new account, you’ll need to choose a name for your device and enter a name for your first workgroup.

login device 4login workgroup 5










2. Add your group members, and files to share with them

You can add your friends or colleagues simply by finding them by their name or email.

 invite friends 7





To add a file to share, you have to enter the workgroup and click “Add files”.

add frien 6


Right-click a file to remove it from your group. To remove members, you have to click “Edit members” and delete them using “X”. You can remove files only that you’re sharing. You can’t remove files that belong to other group members.

remove file 7









 If you have lost your device and/or want to use it on different sher.ly account, you can right-click that device (you can’t be logged from it, obviously) and remove it from your devices. Warning! Your data shared in the Sher.ly local folder will be removed!


remove device
















You can also add a shortcut to folders you use frequently.

add shortcut 1

 add shortcut 2











If you have a lot of groups, you can choose your favourite by clicking “star” next to its name, just as you do with important emails in your Gmail account.











When you are working on file in a big group, you can use the Timeline to give context to all the changes.




If you want to find files, workgroups or contacts, you can use the search box.

search box







In the upper-left corner, you can manage all your incoming notifications and all your contacts.

 not 1 not2








You can also check your account, upgrade to the Business Version, get help and logout.










If you have any problems or questions, write to me on [email protected] .

Have fun using Sher.ly! 


  • Iwo Polański

    Thanks for email, but without Linux version sher.ly is (sadly) useless in my case

    • dehuszar


    • Marek Ciesla

      Linux version is coming soon! We’ll keep you in the loop.

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