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Sher.ly 0.95 Beta Release Notes


Sher.ly is very fast, simple file sharing from private storage – like having your very own Dropbox on steroids. Create a group like a folder, add the files you want to share, and invite people to join. Your own storage and network is used to store and share data, and you can share even terabytes of data if you want – there are no data limits. It does not sync everything, it's smart data access: see what you have available, then decide what you want to download from shared group resources.


How to use sher.ly

1. Download and install the app from https://sher.ly (Windows and Mac OSX currently available; Linux, independent storage such as NAS, and server and mobile apps to follow). Sher.ly app will create a home folder on your drive (like Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services do).

2. Add the content you want to share, such as holiday photos and videos, etc. Size is not limited in any way.

3. Invite your friends to share your content. When they install the sher.ly app at your invitation, they will see your shared files in their Sher.ly app. Only invited people can see shared files, nobody else.

4. There is no external "cloud" and no bulk uploads of everything shared – Sher.ly is local cloud, meaning sharing is directly from your storage. If you share 5 TB of holiday data, your friends will instantly see 5 TB of photos and videos available for them to access.

5. There is no upfront sync, which means you do not force your friends to download; they will see the files on your drive remotely, and will be able to choose if and what they want to download in their own time.

6. Security by design: all connections are encrypted; there is no public data access whatsoever.

7. Sher.ly is independent and much faster than Samba (or CIFS). You can check it by sharing files between two machines over local (GbEth) network or the Internet.

8. To get your avatar, please register your login email at gravatar.com, or add your own photo at https://sher.ly/dashboard.

What if your PC or laptop enters sleep mode? We will have a solution: the Sherlybox dedicated storage solution with our Sher.ly software. Check it out at sherlybox.com.


Beta 0.95 Features and limitations:

- Supported platforms. Windows – 7, 8 and 8.1; OSX – Mountain Lion (10.8.x), Mavericks (10.9.x) and Yosemite Beta (10.10)

- Multiple sharing groups. part of the Sher.ly Business license we are giving out free during Beta

- Timeline. chat within each share group – now you can add notes and discuss your files in teams (also part of the paid-for Sher.ly Business        license)

- Public cloud support: if you have an account with Dropbox, BOX, Google Drive or OneDrive, Sher.ly will detect it and map these folders for    easy data sharing. Sher.ly does not(!) ask for your cloud account login information; it accesses only it's local folders.

- Drag & drop support: drag a file or folder into a group, and it's shared

- Data folders and subfolders are fully supported.

- Files with a cloud icon are available remotely; you can download any file with a single click.

- Entire folder download will be reintroduced shortly.

- Multiple-device support. Your other sher.ly devices are visible only to you.

- Invite your contacts by email – mass contact import options are available in your Web account management at https://sher.ly/dashboard.

- Live contacts status update

- Search is fully functional.

- Public cloud folders are automatically mapped into Sher.ly, and you can add your own data source locations.

- Remove members or devices by right-clicking (device removal requires email confirmation).

- Local notifications inside the app are supported for Windows and OSX.

- System-generated notifications are supported for OSX.

- All transfers are TCP via SSL, with random encryption keys per connection.

- UDP support has been removed due to low performance, but we will reintroduce it once it's improved.

- All connections to sher.ly servers are encrypted; direct data transfers between group members will be encrypted in the next release.

- Large files may be displayed within the app with incorrect (smaller) size, but it does not affect group sharing or downloads. A current workaround is to restart the app, but we are working on a fix to this issue.

Please share your feedback, comments and ideas at Sher.ly support forum: http://beta.sher.ly, or mail us directly at [email protected]

Share BIG!

Sher.ly Team

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