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How Safe Is Your Data in the Public Cloud Providers

by There are obviously a lot of benefits offered by public cloud storage providers. They offer cloud storage as an easily scalable and cost-effective solution for most business. And although the cost of services is a factor in decisions, data security is still a major area of consideration. Below are several issues that business should consider when using the public cloud for storage.

1. Government Surveillance

Since the story of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden (also a former employee of the CIA) burst into the news in the middle of last year, cloud data security has been a top issue. If your data is stored in public cloud services, then it’s simply not safe. Hackers can easily get past security measures: just look at how data hacks were done at eBay and PayPal. If these sites were hacked, even with all the security systems they have in place, as long as your data is stored in a public cloud, Your data is at always at risk.

2. Hackers Love to Hack

Hackers will always be breaking into something, whether it’s a government website, someone’s computer or, yes, even public cloud storage. As long as your information is stored in a public cloud, your information can be accessed by others. In 2013 alone, companies such as Target, Adobe and Evernote were hacked, and personal information and passwords were accessed to such an extent that one blog even labelled the year 2013 as “the most hacked” year. Check some referrals: the biggest hacks of 2013  and 2013 was a very hacked year

3. The Issue with Multi­tenancy

Another thing to consider is multi­tenancy issues. Public Cloud Providers usually offer low prices for resources because their resources are shared between multiple tenants. But seriously, when you share memory, processors and data storage centre resources with numerous users, there is always a risk of unauthorized access to your files. Add in a security flaw or two, and it may allow other users to access private data.

4. Location of Data Storage Centres

You may upload all your data to public cloud providers, but where in the world is your data really being stored? When you sign up for a cloud service, it’s actually a big leap of faith on your part, trusting the service providers that your data and personal information is safe on their servers. In closing, considering all these factors, it’s actually quite surprising that a lot of users forego data security for convenience, and still consider using the public cloud to store their data. And that’s why we developed Sher.ly – your data is safe when hosted on your own private, local cloud. You and your team are the only people in the world who have access to it. You retain complete control, and no one can snoop around your files.

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