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Concerning Safety In The Public Cloud


Did ‘the cloud’ happen so fast we forgot to ask questions about security first?


In the early days of the Internet, long before Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, billions was being poured into technology which was being sold to Enterprise customers. The famous tech marketing book, Crossing The Chasm, now revised for the third time, by Geoffrey A. Moore was originally written to help tech startups sell into large corporations.


The ‘early adopter’ concept we are all so familiar with refers to an internal advocate, someone who would sell the idea of this new innovation - whatever it was - to his managers. He would only be tempted to try new technology because other companies, usually competitors, were also using it. Build up enough momentum with enough early adopters in one market and you can get into another. You cross the chasm, into the mainstream, once you dominate at least one large ($100m+) market.


This is how the likes of Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Apple were built.


But none of them could even make it to the chasm before reassuring their customers on the issue of security. It was, without a doubt, the number one concern of every CTO, CIO and CFO tech company sales team encountered back then.


This was before the use of the Internet itself was mainstream. Even Moore, a natural advocate of innovation, was unsure how useful it might be as a marketing and communication channel (even in his 1998 revised edition).

public cloud


Has The Public Cloud Turned Security Upside Down?


These days, consumers are understandably less skeptical of new technology. Over a decades worth of constant mainstream innovation has made many eager to try the next exciting thing. Then quick, onto the next next thing - there’s always something new coming out. Some hot new app. Great new service. Something which solves some problem you didn’t know existed.


Cloud storage is one of those services. Billions of dollars worth of VC investment has ensured these new services have been rolled out worldwide with similar marketing tactics to Facebook, Spotify, Skype and Twitter.


Investment is great for buying advertising in dozens of metropolitan markets. Or securing high level PR coverage. In short, it can be a great tool for pushing aside doubts before they’ve had time to properly form in the public’s conscious. That’s what happened with the issue of security and the public cloud.


The same happened with social networks. Hence the shift towards ephemeral and private, more secure, less public platforms.


Perhaps its time to reconsider just how much we are willing to put at risk and give away for a few gigabytes of storage. With secure private solutions, we now don’t have to entrust the keys to our private data castles to a handful of big well funded players. We can take back this control for ourselves.


 The cloud isn’t bad, it’s just not good for everything: like huge files or very secure ones. That’s what Sher.ly is all about: bring the best of both worlds: cloud and private storage working seamlessly with user at the helm, in control. You can decide what find or size files are being stored and shared via public cloud, or private storage.


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